All artwork is originally designed by me.

Hi, let's talk a bit about me and my artwork. First of all my artwork is not developed with any sort of artificially generated program "IA", all artwork is designed and drawn by me, and I use a digital pen and my computer and a lot of my imagination. the program that I use such as "ibis paint" or "sketchbook pro" I might use sometimes the filters within their programs.




Now you can also download your wall art, it's quick and easy.

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  • Hi, I'm Valeria from Valerie digital art. the founder and the artist of all the artwork, I also follow all selling and marketing of this website. I'm a housewife, and as a side job, I sell all my artwork and offer a wide variety of wall art. All my work is drawn on a computer and printed by a specialist who prints on high-quality paper so the print gives you that professional outstanding final touch, so your home or office has a museum look. It's unique and stylish, colourful and original and is perfect for any room, making your home or workspace welcoming and relaxing.
    And then you can show off all your museum-quality artwork to your friends or coworkers.

  • What's my aim.

    Valerie Digital Art aim is to help you give that personal and unique touch. My art prints are printed on canvas to t-shirts and on gadgets. The art work is original and personal styles. Giving you that fine touch into your home and office and everyday wear. And gifts for every occasions. Also in the near future Valerie Digital Art Studio presents the new line of FINE ART, for more exclusive art work, for that missing gap on your wall. I'll help you to find warmth and comfort into everyday living with Art.
    Have a look that our collection's

  • Who is Valerie Digital Art

    Hi I'm Valeria the owner and founder of Valerie Digital Art, I just started this new business for two main reasons, firstly covid has caused so many problems into our lives and we have to live with it. So now let's change the way of doing things! Secondly I love to draw. I'll love to hear that you think about my web site, so send me a email

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