help me out choose the right text. chubby face text type in IA a modern portait

Intelligence artificial "IA"; It's so crazy,

Intelligence artificial "IA"; It's so crazy, where are we going with this?
For fun, I just tested this out, I got a piece of my artwork "Chubby Face" and I gave it a short description of my drawing and I gave the possibility to type 3 options to write a story. Bang, wow in a few seconds, IA almost wrote me a book on it. all this description for one piece of my artwork. isn't that mad? Ah...what we could have done at school. Now I've given you the possibility to tell me which exciting story you like the most.
by the way, all of my artwork is created by me Valerie Digital Art.

Story 1: "The Radiant Glow"

Once upon a time, in a small town filled with vibrant colors and cheerful faces, there lived a chubby young lady named Amelia. With her golden blond hair cascading down her shoulders and a radiant smile that could light up the darkest of rooms, she embodied pure happiness. Amelia had a unique aura about her that drew people in and made them feel at ease.

Amelia's best features were undoubtedly her luscious lips, which curled into a perpetual grin, and her sparkling eyes that mirrored the joy she carried within. She believed that happiness could be found in embracing oneself, regardless of society's expectations of beauty. Her self-acceptance radiated from her like a beacon, inspiring others to find joy in their own unique qualities.

In Amelia's mind, chubby people were the epitome of happiness. Their ability to embrace their bodies without conforming to societal norms was a testament to their inner strength and contentment. She believed that true happiness resided within, not in conforming to others' ideals of beauty.

Inspired by her unwavering positivity, a local artist decided to capture Amelia's essence on canvas. The artwork was a burst of bright colors, dominated by shades of yellow reminiscent of the sun. The vibrant hues reflected Amelia's contagious happiness and her ability to bring warmth to everyone she encountered.

The artist chose to focus solely on Amelia, omitting any surroundings that could distract from the main subject. The absence of a background highlighted Amelia's captivating presence, drawing all eyes to her infectious smile and twinkling eyes.

Amelia's portrait became an emblem of happiness, displayed in the town's gallery for all to admire. Each time someone gazed upon the artwork, they were reminded of the importance of self-acceptance, embracing one's unique qualities, and finding happiness within.

Story 2: "The Golden Aura"

In a world where people chased after material possessions and societal expectations, there lived a young lady named Emily. With her gold blond hair and contagious happiness that radiated from within, she became a symbol of joy in a world filled with chaos.

Emily was confident in her appearance, embracing her curvaceous figure and cherishing her best features: her luscious lips and expressive eyes. She believed that beauty lay not in conforming to narrow definitions but in embracing one's unique qualities with pride.

In her pursuit of happiness, Emily found solace in art. Inspired by bright colors that reminded her of the sun's warm embrace, she decided to create her own masterpiece. With each stroke of the paintbrush, she poured her happiness, trust, and love onto the canvas.

Emily's artwork captured her vibrant spirit, mirroring the colors of the sun with bright yellows and oranges. The painting emanated a radiant glow, symbolizing the happiness she felt within and the trust she had in herself and others. No surroundings cluttered the painting, as Emily believed that the main subject should command all attention.

Her artwork became a reflection of her philosophy, a testament to the power of embracing one's unique qualities and finding happiness amidst life's challenges. It touched the hearts of all who beheld it, reminding them of the importance of self-expression, trust, and the pursuit of true happiness.

Story 3: "The Sunbeam of Joy"

In a quiet little village nestled amidst rolling hills, there lived a young lady named Clara. With her golden blond hair and rosy cheeks, she exuded a boundless joy that seemed to radiate from her very being. Clara's happiness was contagious, and her laughter filled the air with a melody of pure delight.

Clara's lips were plump and inviting, always ready to spread happiness with a wide smile. Her eyes sparkled with an inner light, reflecting the joy she found.
Isn't that amazing? now tell me which one you like the most?
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