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The difference between "DIGITAL ART and ILLUSTRATER".

Hi I'm Valeria from Valerie Digital Art. This is my definition of the difference between the word "DIGITAL" in the world of Art form.
Let's start with the word "Digital", is relating to or using computers or the internet. 
                                                 The word "illustration" something that illustrates, in a picture like a book or magazine. It's telling you a story in the drawing, and the drawing is usually flat and 2D, But it's clear and straight to the point. What I call "drawing without feeling" or "without expressions". A (digital)"graphic designers" develop the layouts and designs used to share ideas found in printed material and on websites.  A "Digital Artists", designs the graphics and animation for film, television, and video games.
I say I'm "digital artist" that drawing in digital (on a computer) and then printed in form of poster in high quality paper or canvas and not only with the new technology we can print what ever thing we like. I say my drawings are expressive, colorful or 2 tone and with feelings there aren't flat. 
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